Three Way Conferences/Parent/Teacher/Student Interviews

On Monday, Sept. 23 from 8:30 - 4:00  Canyon School will be holding Parent/Teacher/Student Three Way Conferences/Intake Interviews - there will be no school for students.

 At Canyon School we believe that effective communication between parents, teachers and students helps to enhance student success.  These interviews provide the opportunity to open up meaningful dialogue between teachers, parents and students.  The intent of these interviews is to share and gather relevant information from parents and students regarding student achievement learning styles, specific needs, student interests, etc.  These interviews are not intended to be a reporting session on student progress or performance over the first 15 days of school.    

In order to effectively schedule the Parent/Teacher/Student Intake Interviews, we ask that you either contact your child's teacher directly or click on the link below and book your interview time online.   

Please sign in here to book your 3 Way Conference.   If you've registered for an account in past years, you should still be able to access through that account.  Registering for a new account is pretty straightforward.