Trickster Artist in Residency Call for Parent Volunteers

Canyon School is excited to welcome Trickster Theatre to our School from December 17- 21, 2018. Trickster Theatre is an artist-in-residency company based in Calgary, Alberta. They tour across Alberta, creating approx. 35+ original shows a year in all kinds of communities based on a theme chosen by the school and developed with the assistance of Trickster. These residencies take place in schools, transforming the gym into a theatre. A Trickster Theatre Residency involves the theatre team coming into our school for a week and facilitating staff and students in creating a unique and highly visual theatre. This week of workshops and rehearsals will culminate in a fun and high-energy production. They have been working with schools for over three decades! In that time, they have found that having parent involvement during a residency project greatly enhances the final production. There are many ways parents can be involved in a residency – from preparing costumes and making props, to helping the Trickster Team move equipment in and out of the school. 

From December 17-21, Trickster will take over Canyon School, and we need your help!

We are looking for a Parent Volunteer Coordinator (or a team of 2 or 3 parents to work together) to help our week with Trickster be as successful as possible.   

The Parent Volunteer Coordinator Role will:

  • Before the Residency -  Assist in organizing a team of parent volunteers to participate the week of the residency
  • During the Residency -  Coordinate a parent volunteer team

If you are interested in volunteering as our Parent Volunteer Coordinator, please contact Mr. Pichurski ( or call the Canyon School Front Office at 403-627-3118.