Jessica Ames

Administrators - Assistant Principal

About Me

Jessica works collaboratively with students, parents, and the community to make educational experiences at Canyon School engaging, meaningful and successful. A student centred leader, Mrs. Ames believes all children can learn and strives to make strength based decisions on what is best for all students so they achieve personal excellence. Leadership at Canyon School starts with building relationships. She believes that the foundation of a good school is trust, supportive relationships and collaboration. She brings the perspective that learning can be furthered through creative and innovative problem solving.

Mrs. Ames has a breadth of teaching and administrative experience. She has served two districts over the course of six years in the role of vice-principal. She has also been an AISI Lead in Assessment for Learning, Technology Integration, and Learning Coach implementation. With experience as a Learning Support Teacher, Jessica understands how to connect with services for children and lead collaborative, multidisciplinary teams.   Jessica has taught across different grade levels to diverse student populations. She has also served as a Behavioral Therapist for children and is trained in Level III Sign Language. Jessica graduated from the University of Lethbridge in 2000 with a Bachelor of Management. She subsequently earned a Bachelor of Education degree with Special Education specialization, and a Master of Education in 2009.

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